One of the shortcomings that was recognised by the healthcare industry when identifying facility needs was the lack of adequate isolations areas and the need for more segregation when dealing with Covid-19 patients.

Hutz Medical’s HU-Covid19-S range can be utilised extensively throughout the healthcare facility, from Normal Care to High Care Wards as well as Intensive Care and Trauma Units. The screen is designed to convert existing facilities to a more isolated patient environment and assist in the prevention of cross-infections.

The HU-Covid19-S1 and HU-Covid19-S3 units are secured to the existing ceiling structure and anchored via a mounting bracket to the suspended ceiling structure. The framework for these units is manufactured from stainless steel, with the screen manufactured from PVC sheeting. The unit’s bottom and front tubes are housed in the PVC screen while the back and top segments are stretched through the eye loops. To ensure that isolation is complete, a sealing strip is provided for the floor, wall and ceiling which will isolate the area in use.

The HU-Covid19-S2 is a freestanding unit while the HU-Covid19-S4 unit is a mobile unit and both can easily be moved between beds or where needed within the facility. The framework is also manufactured from stainless steel piping and PVC sheeting.

These adaptable sterile PVC screens are available in a quick turnaround time, are cost effective and provide an excellent isolation solution for hospital and clinics requiring further isolation facilities with minimal effort or conversion to existing facilities.

“The screens that we recently installed allow us to consult with various patients as well as allowing them a bit more peace of mind in terms of not exposing themselves to the adjacent patients, “ commented Jeffrey Fry, Technical Services Manager: Greenacres Hospital.

Datasheet: HU-COVID19-S