The HU-Covid19-T is a welcome addition to any healthcare facility looking to unexpectedly convert a Normal Care Ward into an ICU or Isolation Ward, as well as to Trauma and Emergency Units where additional medical equipment may be required.

Its mobile design allows for easy movement within the facility and is designed to enable the user to expand upon the existing services already available.

Manufactured from stainless steel, the hard-wearing medical trolley comes standard with two equipment shelves and two medical rails, for the mounting of life saving equipment.

The trolley is equipped with medical gas (2 x Oxygen / 2 x Low Pressure Air / 2 x Vacuum) and the installation can be connected to medical gas cylinders or fed via the facility’s existing medical gas infrastructure. The unit is supplied in a knock-down configuration to reduce transport cost and have to be assembled onsite.

Hutz Medical is pleased to offer this versatile ICU trolley within an extremely short lead time and to be able to assist our healthcare partners in readying themselves and their facilities for the expected increase in the treatment of Covid19 patients requiring specialised treatment options.

Datasheet: HU-COVID19-T