As the Covid-19 virus extends its hold across South Africa, our number of positive cases continues to rise. This brings its own challenges, including the reality that many more people are being admitted to hospital, resulting in a real and urgent need for more ICU and Isolation beds.

As a local medical device manufacturer, Hutz Medical is able to assist healthcare facilities in readying themselves and extending their current ICU or Isolation offering within their range of Bedhead Service Systems, including the HU21-COR.

The HU21-COR is a wall mounted, vertical Bedhead Service Supply System utilised as a single bed unit within the Intensive Care and High Care areas.

Manufactured from anodized aluminium to a width of 560mm, this product solution includes Ø25mm equipment poles that are positioned on either side of the unit, together with two medical rails to support medical attachments and lifesaving equipment.

This versatile product comprises the following services:

  • 2 x oxygen points;
  • 2 x vacuum points;
  • 2 x LP Air points;
  • 16 x 16A switch sockets on 2 circuits;
  • 4 x data points;
  • 1 x nurse call point;
  • 2 x Ø25mm poles (length = 1.5m each)
  • 2 x Gabler shaped medical rails
  • 1 x HU15 luminaire (LED or T-5 Florescent)

The unit is manufactured with prepopulated electrical and medical gas outlets, which are tested and validated against international standards, prior to installation into the product.

“With the HU21-COR units being manufactured according to a standard specification, the lead time is shortened, allowing us to supply our customers in a faster turnaround time than usual for these types of units,” commented Mario Jacobs, Factory Manager: Hutz Medical.

Datasheet: HU21-COR