Hutz Medical is proud to be associated with RugeroMed Ltd as our official partner in Rwanda. Since 2014 Patrick Higiro and Julian Hutz have been actively developing a strong insight into the benefits of well conceptualised Hospital Engineering resources in Rwanda. RugeroMed, based in the capital Kigali, accesses the heart of the Rwandan market.

With many plans on bolstering its health infrastructure, for a rapidly growing young and dynamic population, the Ministry of Health has clearly identified the benefits of providing world-class healthcare to its citizens, minimising the need for Medical Tourism.

“RugeroMed and Hutz Medical are pleased to see the results of our long-view approach to collaborate with the Ministry of Health and provide the best health infrastructure the citizens of Rwanda deserve. We are proud to be associated with the recent upgrade to the King Faisal ICU facilities and look forward to the next project,” commented Julian Hutz, Director: Europe.


Patrick Higiro can be reached on:

Tel: +250 (0) 783 010 660