Hutz Medical, in consultation with Labournet, has instituted a full range of Covid-19 protocols to ensure the health and safety of its workforce, in line with government’s prescribed regulations.

“The safety of our people remains of the utmost importance to us. We always say that we at Hutz are a family and the wellbeing of each of our family members is paramount. Through consultation with local company Labournet, we have established even more Covid-19 protocols to keep our work environment safe,” commented Bernd Thurnher, Managing Director: Hutz Medical.

There is a strict protocol in place, which is followed by all employees. Visitors to the premises are kept to the bare minimum, but also adhere to the procedures when on site.

Firstly, all personnel wear masks and their temperatures are taken prior to entry onto the premises. If it registers higher than 37.5’C, no entry is allowed. Upon entry to the building, shoes are sanitised by walking through a disinfectant bath.

Hand sanitisers have been strategically placed throughout the building and in offices as well as ablution areas. Common areas such as door handles, light switches, metal surfaces and counter tops are systematically disinfected. A designated person has been employed and is tasked with disinfecting the floor areas throughout the factory, offices, meeting rooms and common high traffic areas such as the canteen, ablution blocks and kitchens.

Employees have the reassurance that Hutz has put all the means and measures in place to ensure their wellbeing.