As a local medical device manufacturer with many years’ experience in the industry, Hutz Medical prides itself in being able to provide not only top-of-the-range quality, but also to present innovative and solution-driven products to meet our customers’ current needs.

This was indeed the case when the Covid-19 pandemic hit our shores in March this year. Hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities scrambled to adequately prepare for a relatively unknown and deadly virus. The only thing that was clear, was that the industry needed more Bedhead Service Supply Systems, as well as more ICU and Isolation beds fast! The segregation of patients was also of the utmost importance to keep the possible spread of the virus at bay.

The team at Hutz Medical is pleased to have been able to meet the market’s needs with three main products, namely the HU-COVID19-T (Mobile ICU Trolley), the HU21-COR (Bedhead Service System) and the HU-COVID19-S (Sterile PVC Screen).

The HU-COVID19-T is a mobile ICU trolley assembly that enables the user to expand upon the available services. The unit is utilised within Intensive Care, High Care, Trauma or Isolation areas.

Hutz Medical is now offers the HU21-COR Bedhead Service Supply System that provides the services of an ICU station and complies to the IUSS ICU guidelines. Being a vertical solution, the installation time is drastically reduced as all services will be supplied pre-tested and certified prior to dispatch from our factory.

The HU-Covid19-S sterile PVC screens are utilised within existing healthcare facilities where there is a need for further patient isolation areas. Various sizes of PVC screens are available, with an option of both fixed or mobile variants.

“Our factory has remained open during the entire lockdown period and we have worked tirelessly to assist our clients in readying themselves for the alarming number of Covid-positive patients. In some cases, our deadlines have been extremely tight and we have pushed both our suppliers and ourselves to complete vital government and private sector projects,” commented Bernd Thurnher, Managing Director: Hutz Medical.

For further information or a quote pertaining to any one of these products or any other Hutz Medical product, please see www.hutz.co.za, email enquiries@hutz.co.za or contact us on +27 (0)41 451 0964.