Seeing a niche in the market, Hutz Medical took the opportunity to introduce Medical Oxygen Supply Systems under the Hutz brand name.  Utilised within small to large healthcare facilities, Medical Oxygen Supply Systems (RAK-Series) supply uninterrupted high purity oxygen (93+-3%) through the current gas pipeline system to gas points in all areas of the facility.

Hutz Medical’s HU-RAK series is a module-based, cost effective Medical Oxygen Supply System that is available as a 4 or 6 module unit, together with a booster. It can be utilised in any area of the facility where it can link to the existing oxygen delivery system. The unit provides continuous oxygen supply and allows for easy maintenance.  Oxygen concentrators filter the surrounding air, compressing it to the required density, then deliver the purified oxygen into a distribution system.

“As the official African distributor of the Oxus Medical Oxygen Supply System range, Hutz Medical is now able to partner with our clients to provide them with cost saving measures of up to 70% on their existing oxygen bill,” said Bernd Thurnher, Managing Director: Hutz Medical.

For further information regarding Medical Oxygen Supply Systems, see our website or contact Derick Smit on 083 264 5320 and email him on dsmit@hutz.co.za.