Founder of Hutz Medical Wolfgang Hutz - expert in hospital and theatre equipment

Brief History

In the early 1970’s, armed with little more than his tools and knowledge gained from the family business in Germany, Wolfgang Hutz arrived in Port Elizabeth and started a small light manufacturing company employing six people.


In 1985 under the expert guidance of Mr Hutz, the company grew to include Hospital Equipment. Only two bedhead units were available in the early days: one horizontal and one vertical option until the company focus changed to solely manufacturing Hospital Equipment in 1990.


With the introduction of Theatre Control Panels in 1995, a new and exciting manufacturing element was added to the Product Range. As Hutz Medical’s Chairman and Founder aptly commented, “You must have fun when you start a business. You work things out in your mind…and then you get it made or make it yourself. That’s the fun – You can see it, you can touch it!” (Wolfgang Hutz: 2016)


As the business grew, so did the number of employees who started to refer to themselves as the “Hutz Family” and the values of loyalty, devotion and pride were firmly established within the company.


The appointment of Bernd Thurnher as Director for both Hutz Medical and Hutz Hospi-Tec (2004), Dr Jacky Rampedi as a Director for Hospi-Tec (2017) as well as Brad Naude as Financial Director for Hutz Medical (2018) has allowed for further stability within the Hutz Group, with the addition of their knowledge and expertise. Julian Hutz’s appointment as Director for both Hutz Medical and Hospi-Tec (2008) has seen the company grow from strength-to-strength not only with his innate capabilities but also in terms of global reach, with the establishment of Hutz in France (2014).

The addition of Pendant Service Systems (2002) and Medical Lighting (2006) saw the Hutz Range of Products grow exponentially with more than 120 product variants across five product categories now being available (2016). We are proud to share that Hutz Medical now also includes PSA Plants and Gas Reticulation as of 2018.


Quality, attention to detail and innovation remain of the utmost importance for the Hutz range of products. With this in mind, Hutz obtained ISO 9001 in 2004, followed by ISO 13485 certification, CE Marking and MCC License in 2017. Hutz is also BBBEE compliant.


Today, the Hutz family has grown to include more than 115 employees and the family philosophy is still firmly intact. Rather than just a place of employment or a job, our employees see each other as a family, working together to meet and achieve a common goal.

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