Hutz Hospi-Tec Completes Successful Revitalisation Project:

Charlotte Maxeke Hospital

A company within the Hutz Group of Companies, Hutz Hospi-Tec was approached and awarded a project at Charlotte Maxeke Hospital for the alterations and upgrade of an open area and to convert it into a High Care Unit with Isolation Rooms according to the client’s specification and requirements.


The array of expertise within the team ensured that the specified hospital requirements and standards were implemented, whilst simultaneously providing cost-effective solutions to upgrade ailing medical facilities.


As a medical infrastructure facilities company with selected industry professionals and partners on-board to enable revitalisation programmes to be performed to the required standards and norms, Hutz Hospi-Tec focuses on existing facilities; with the result being to refurbish specified areas within hospitals at a fraction of the cost of a new build. Quick turnaround times combined with a cost-effective solution and the utilisation of local skills is possible through the provision of training and skills transfer programs.


The Charlotte Maxeke project was completed in January, with a wide range of products and services utilised during the revitalisation process. These included electrical, drywalling, cupboards, vinyl flooring, skirtings, doors, ceiling tiles, glazing, bed screen rails, blinds, plastering, sanitary fittings, painting, nurse call systems, HVAC and medical gas. Hutz Medical also supplied HU4 Pendant Service Systems and various Attachments.


“We are very pleased to have delivered a successful turnkey project for our client and look forward to working together again to revamp Charlotte Maxeke’s Intensive Care Unit,” commented Bennie Rowles, QS Con (Pty) Ltd, the appointed project manager on the Charlotte Maxeke project.