HUTZ MEDICAL “On Track” With New Maintenance Innovation

Hutz Medical is proud to introduce a new system implemented on all theatre light systems, allowing us to keep track of service intervals as well as other important information relating to each system installation.

Each theatre light system will be fitted with a unique QR Barcode by means of a self-adhesive TAG attached to the side of the light head. As of March 2019, all newly supplied theatre light systems have been fitted with these TAG’s that are pre-programmed with all relevant information.

All Hutz Medical’s company representatives have an “app” on their mobile phones to scan these barcodes onsite. This then allows them to access any additional relevant information pertaining to these systems, such as the location of the transformer, PCB serial numbers or service intervals.

Alternatively, a picture of the QC Barcode can be emailed to Service Manager André Taljaard, where it can be scanned and the information gleaned. This system will advise Hutz Medical a month prior to a service being due and communication from the Service Manager will then follow.

The QR Barcode will not as yet be able to be scanned by a hospital’s maintenance team, but we are currently busy developing this as a future upgrade.

This system allows us to assist Maintenance Departments to locate and check the transformer outputs on the rare occasion that the light might not be working and it is crucial information when doing fault finding and assessing the extent of the fault.

TAGs are acid, scratch and corrosion resistant and are manufactured from durable self-adhesive plastic and have been successfully fitted and utilised in numerous hospitals countrywide.

Placing TAG’s on pendants will be considered in future to assist with tracking and advising on the life span and replacement of flexible gas lines.

For further information regarding this innovative app, please contact our Service Department on or +27 (0)41 451 0964.