Laser Cutting Machine for Newly Established HUTZ ENGINEERING

The Hutz Group of Companies is proud to announce the recent acquisition of its Vtop CNC Fibre Laser Cutting machine that will play an instrumental role in our newly established Hutz Engineering division.

A division of the Hutz Group of Companies, Hutz Engineering was established to meet the needs of clients both nationally and internationally while addressing a niche in the marketplace.

“The purchase of our own laser cutting machine provides a wealth of opportunities for Hutz Engineering with its high-speed precision and quality. Our projects will not only be completed sooner with the faster turnaround time but the finishing of the items is also more accurate and precise,” commented Ettienne Smit, General Manager: Hutz Engineering.

Feel free to contact our Hutz Engineering Division for all your engineering requirements. We can be reached on (041) 451 0964 or


Image included: A potable water solution, which is one of the recent projects completed by Hutz Engineering.