As a medical device manufacturer, Hutz Medical prides itself in being able to meet the needs of our clients within the healthcare market. Constant communication and feedback from our team on the ground allows us the opportunity to manufacture products which are both wanted and needed, in the ever-changing medical environment in which we find ourselves.

One such example is the HU5-B Pendant Service System, where a working solution was found for a client’s requirements through collaboration with their onsite team and our Research & Development Department.

We received a call from the Hospital Manager at Zuid Afrikaans Hospital to investigate if we could provide a similar or better system than their current ICU pendants but with a customised, cost effective option delivered within a reasonable time period.

Numerous meetings were held with various members of the hospital’s professional team as well as the project’s engineer to ascertain and confirm their requirements in terms of equipment to be mounted, space allowed, positioning of carrier arms, placement of bed and services in relation to the patient. After hours of planning and designing, Hutz Medical was proud to present the HU5-B Pendant Service System solution to Zuid Afrikaans Hospital.

The HU5-B Ceiling Mounted Pendant Beam System is a medium duty pendant utilised in ICU, Trauma, Emergency, Recovery and Resuscitation areas. The unit facilitates the orderly and accessible arrangement of equipment for monitoring, infusion and patient ventilation. All services are supplied through the ceiling, freeing the floor and wall of gas lines as well as cable clutter. Effortless movement and positioning of the pendant arm is ensured through a bearing assembly with adjusted friction brake.

The arm has a 320° rotation and is designed to enable the caregiver to move the services to the optimum position for treatment and complete access to the patient. Integrated luminaire options include reading, room, examination and workspace lighting. The unit can be fitted with a wide range of medical attachments to increase its functionality, these can include plastic equipment trays, equipment poles, extension poles, medical rails, monitor support arms, drip bag holders, equipment clamps, trays and drawer units.  The HU5-B is available in various configurations and can be customised to meet the specific requirements of a facility.

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