Medical Equipment Rail

Product Use:

Bedhead Service Systems and Pendant Service Systems



The HU-MER is an equipment rail to facilitate the mounting of various equipment.

The attachment can be mounted either on the wall or the medical service system.

Anodised aluminium construction.



Wall mounted: >20kg

Dry Wall mounted: >20kg

Single pole mounted: >20kg

Double pole mounted: >20kg



Reducer bush provided to suit Ø25mm equipment pole.

Installation to be provided by qualified Hutz Medical installation engineers.



Wall Mounted:

HU-MER-W-01 Equipment rail (per metre – 3 spacers and anchors) – Gabler shape
HU-MER-W-02 Equipment rail (per metre – 3 spacers and anchors) – Euro shape

Dry Wall:

HU-MER-DW-01 Equipment rail (per metre – 3x spacers, plates and anchors p/m) – Gabler shape
HU-MER-DW-02 Equipment rail (per metre – 3x spacers, plates and anchors p/m) – Euro shape

Single Pole Mounted:

HU-MER-P-01 Equipment rail 150mm (Ø38mm) – Gabler shape
HU-MER-P-02 Equipment rail 150mm (Ø38mm) – Euro shape
HU-MER-P-03 Equipment rail 300mm (Ø38mm) – Gabler shape
HU-MER-P-04 Equipment rail 300mm (Ø38mm) – Euro shape

Double Pole Mounted

HU-MER-DP-01 Equipment rail per metre (Ø38mm) – Gabler shape
HU-MER-DP-02 Equipment rail per metre (Ø38mm) – Euro shape
HU-MER-DP-475-01 Equipment rail (Ø38mm) – Gabler shape
HU-MER-DP-475-02 Equipment rail (Ø38mm) – Euro shape


HU-MER-DP-01-02 and HU-MER-DP-475-01-02

HU-MER-DP-01-02 and HU-MER-DP-475-01-02

HU-MER-DW-01 and HU-MER-DW-02

HU-MER-DW-01 and HU-MER-DW-02



HU-MER-W-01 and HU-MER-W-02

HU-MER-W-01 and HU-MER-W-02