HU21-09 and HU21-10

Bedhead Service Systems (ICU) (Vertical – 560mm)


The HU21-09 and HU21-10 are wall mounted vertical bedhead service systems with provision for water and drainage points for use with Renal Dialysis.


Areas of Use:

Renal Dialysis wards.



The HU21-09 & HU21-10 units are floor-to-ceiling wall mounted vertical medical service supply systems for the use in Renal Dialysis wards;

Versatile product solution to suit a wide range of medical facility needs;

Hinged lids provide easy access to service connections and ensure correct product alignment;

Anodized aluminium profiles give the product a hardwearing surface that withstands the environmental rigors of daily use;

Supplied as single bed application.



Segregated channels allow for the following Supply Services to be routed: low voltage (LV), extra low voltage (ELV) and medical gas (MG);

The products can accommodate various types of electrical and medical gas outlets, fitted to suit the clients’ specifications;

The units can be fitted with a medical rail for the mounting of medical equipment (*see attachment range to suit the medical equipment);

Provision is made for a water point as well as a drainage point and will be positioned either at the top or at the bottom of the unit.



Individual reading and night lights are incorporated into the product design;

Available in LED or T5 fluorescent lamp versions.



The units are wall mounted, extending into the ceiling void, where Supply Services are routed and terminated;

The units are manufactured with prepopulated electrical and medical gas outlets, which are tested and validated against international standards, prior to installation.

HU21-09 (Rear Entry) and HU21-10 (Top Entry).


Norms & Certifications:

IEC 60601-1

IEC 60601-2

ISO 11197