Various configurations:


An examination table is used to support patients during medical examinations. During these exams, doctors, clinics and hospitals use an adjusting mechanism to manipulate and position the table to allow patient support, closer examination of the patient, and to allow the patient to move on and off the table safely.


Areas of Use:

Normal Care / Examination Room / Delivery Room / Operating Theatre



HF_HU-D01.GE08_Gynae Couch_Manual

HF_HU-D01GE01_Gynae Examination Couch with Fixed Height

HF_HU-D01GE02_Gynae Examination Couch

HF_HU-D01GE04-210_Gynae Examination Couch with Hydraulic Pump

HF_HU-D90100002_Gynae Consultation Table_Manual

HF_HU-D90114304.SS_Examination Couch_Mobile

HF_HU-D90114304_General Examination Table_2 Section

HF_HU-D90114312_General Consultation Table_2 Sections with castors

HF_HU-D90114317_Electric Examination Table

HF_HU-D90114324_Examination Couch with Cupboards and Drawers

HF_HU-I-U0065.S_General Examination Table HGR

HF_HU-I-U0988_Delivery Bed_Manual

HF_HU-I-U0992_Obstetric Table For Childbirth _Manual