Various configurations:


The bed is intended for the transportation and positioning of patients. It is utilised as a support in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of illnesses as well as in the compensation of disabilities or sustained injuries. It is not classified as being life supporting or sustaining life and has no medical indication.


Areas of Use:

General Wards to ICU/High Care



HF_HU-D90101136.5M_Hospital Bed_Electrical with Coloumn & Lateral Tilt

HF_HU-D90101137.3M_Hospital Bed_Electrical

HF_HU-D90101137.D_Delivery Bed_Electrical

HF_HU-D90101137.SS_Hospital Bed _Electrical_Bariantric

HF_HU-D90101137.SS_Hospital Bed_Electrical

HF_HU-D90101137_Hospital Bed_Electrical

HF_HU-D90101137_Resuscitation Bed_Electrical