Horizontal Bedhead Service System (Wall mounted)


Luminaire to illuminate the body of the patient locally in order to support diagnosis or treatment which could be interrupted without any hazard for the patient in case of the failure of the light. It is not intended to be used in operating rooms (IEC 60601-2-41).


Areas of Use:

Luminaire for diagnostics



The HUGO-LED-C is a ceiling mounted examination light catering for Normal Care to Intensive Care Wards;

The design allows a wide operating area with a reach of 1.4m and 360-degree rotation;

Effortless positioning of the light enables the medical practitioner to illuminate the target area as required;

Innovation is achieved in the product design with the integral clutch system that eliminates the need for manually adjusted friction brakes at each articulated joint;

An anti-microbial additive in the plastic moulded parts inhibits bacterial growth.



Segregated channels allow for the following Supply Services to be routed: low voltage (LV), extra low voltage (ELV) and medical gas (MG);

The product can accommodate various types of electrical and medical gas outlets, fitted to suit the clients’ specifications;

The unit can be fitted with a medical rail for the mounting of medical equipment (*see attachment range to suit the medical equipment);


Lux Output:

50 000 Lux at 500mm / 35 000 Lux @ 1000 mm



The HUGO-LED-C light is available to suit the following ceiling heights and mounting options (e.g. suspended ceiling, direct slab…):

HUGO-LED-C-01 Ceiling height 2.4m

HUGO-LED-C-02 Ceiling height 2.7m

HUGO-LED-C-03 Ceiling height 3m



Power supply is routed to the unit via the ceiling void;

The unit is manufactured, tested and validated against international standards prior to installation.


Standards & Specifications:

IEC 60601-1

IEC 60601-1-2

IEC 60601-2-41

IEC 62031