Theatre Control Panel (Recessed Mounted)


The HU12-MAJ and the HU12-MIN-RS are recessed mounted theatre control panel solutions used within operating theatres.


Areas of Use:

Operating Theatres



The HU12-MAJ-RS and HU12-MIN-RS is a recessed mounted theatre control panel solution to provide Supply Services to a Major (MAJ) or Minor (MIN) operating theatre;

The design comprises of an exposed rigid Grade 304 40x40mm stainless steel framework with segregated service layout;

The design allows for recessed architrave to be fitted in the wall cavity prior to panel installation;

Modular Grade 304 stainless steel fascias in a brushed finish are fitted with minimal gaps to complete the panel;

The panel layout can be configured to suit specific needs and to meet industry standards;

Standard sizes: 2000 (L) x 1600 (H) x 150mm (wall depth)
2000 (L) x 935 (H) x 150mm (wall depth)
940 (L) x 1080 (H) x 150mm (wall depth)



The HU12 theatre control panel provides for low voltage (LV), extra low voltage (ELV) and selected medical gases (MG);

Integrated x-ray viewing panel or medical grade monitor can be accommodated;

Alarm indicators are accommodated on the panel to display service supply integrity;

Analog clock and timers are fitted as standard together with audio and communication equipment.



The architrave is secured in the wall cavity where Supply Services are terminated;

The panel is fastened to the architrave with anchors provided;

The unit is manufactured with prepopulated electrical and medical gas outlets, which are tested and validated against international standards, prior to installation.


Norms & Certifications:

IEC 60601-1

IEC 60601-2

ISO 11197