Hutz Medical participated at the South African Federation of Hospital Engineers (SAFHE) and Clinical Engineers Association of South Africa (CEASA) exhibition, held in Cape Town in August 2019.

The biannual SAFHE exhibition allows us as a company a great opportunity to meet and interact with some of the most brilliant engineering minds in the country, as well as giving Hutz the chance to introduce new designs and product concepts, while simultaneously gaining valuable feedback from our target market.

This year Hutz Medical was pleased to share two new concepts, namely the HU-Connect Bedhead Service System as well as the HU6-S1-HAP, our latest Pendant Service System.

Set to take the hospital environment by storm, the new HU-Connect which will be launched midyear 2020, features a revolutionary design in terms of Bedhead Service Systems, by allowing the end user to buy and build a basic unit to meet their current needs, while the design allows for the amalgamation of further services should the need arise at a later stage. This all happens without major disruption to the existing service or ward space itself, while the aesthetic display of the unit is modern and uncluttered. Think sleek, think sophisticated, yet totally adaptable as new ward requirements are needed.

The HU6-S1-HAP is a ceiling suspended, height adjustable unit designed to allow the user to move, rotate as well as raise or lower services as required for the procedure while having the added advantage of being able to be quickly moved aside should the need arise. Refer to our Product Feature for further information pertaining the HU6-S1-HAP.

For further information pertaining to either of these products, please contact your Hutz Representative or email