Dear Customers, Friends and Colleagues, 

We are nearing the end of another year and are reminded that we have now exceeded 600 days of lockdown, with loadshedding here to stay, water outages becoming a norm (especially here in our region of the Eastern Cape) and a WIFI connection is not a given.

So, you have to ask yourself: “What’s next and how much more uncomfortable can it get?”

As tough as these disruptions are on the individual and for business in general, it also teaches one the great lesson of resilience. It gives you the skill to bounce back, to make sense of adversity and keep a positive outlook. It also serves to remind us that we are all connected and problems need to be solved in collaboration.

Resilient people view a problem with the thought: “What’s the solution and what lessons can be learnt?”

The same approach also applies for any company or business, where the problems presented are used to strengthen the operation. From our side, great strides have been made to improve both our internal and external connection with various role players.

We have established ourselves as an international operation with an UK-registered division and Head Office in France.

Diversification was achieved through new product ranges being added and through the establishment of HUTZ Hospi-Tec in becoming a major role player for hospital revite and refurbishment contracts.

Our Medical Gas division is also taking shape, with appointments received for projects in various African countries.

New Bedhead Supply Systems were developed, which are in line with the international design trends, with greater focus being given to cater for the quality conscious client, that sees the value of the Hutz product and service.

My advice…. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and you will succeed!

On behalf of all of us here at Hutz, I thank you for your continuous support and wish you and your family health and success in 2022!

Bernd Thurnher

Managing Director – Hutz Group of Companies

Published Date: 07-12-2021