We are pleased to have worked together with the team at Zuid Afrikaans Hospital in Pretoria, to optimise the available space within their Accident & Emergency Department.

HU5-S2 Pendants were installed in the area, which allow for easy, unobstructed access to the patient area, while the service column supports up to 60kg of medical equipment in lifesaving situations such as Emergency Rooms. The use of Bedhead Service Systems (HU10-01 and HU21-01) allow for easy positioning of medical equipment, while giving trauma staff room to treat the patient. In addition, the HUGO-LED Medical Examination Lights (both rail and pole versions) are used to illuminate the patient’s body to support their diagnosis or treatment.

“Hutz was simply amazing. I am so impressed with their service and professionalism. The units and pendants are great and make our daily tasks so much easier. Thanks for all the hard work, effort and stunning equipment,” commented Dr Coert Gous (ER Doctor: Zuid Afrikaans Hospital).

Hutz Medical is pleased to be associated with the following professionals on this project:

Main Contractor: B Vinkels Construction

Architect: Acumen

Electrical Contractor: FW Electrical

Client: Zuid Afrikaans Hospital

Electrical Engineers: DLV Consulting Engineers