Various configurations:


An overbed table is utilised by both patients and healthcare workers alike. They are a surface to place food trays and can hold the patient’s personal items such as books or phones; while healthcare workers utilise them to hold medical devices or supplies.


Areas of Use:

Normal Care to ICU Wards



HF-HU-D90106201_Hospital Overbed Table_ABS Top

HF_HU-D90106201.F_Hospital Overbed Table_ABS Top_Fixed Height

HF_HU-D90106201.S_Hospital Overbed Table_Tilting

HF_HU-D90106201.SS_Hospital Overbed Table

HF_HU-PCF-170E_Hospital Overbed Table_Adjustable Height

HF_HU-D90106201.SS_Hospital Overbed Table_Laminate Cipboard Top