Operating Theatre Light (Ceiling Mounted)


The LUVIS M400 Operating Theatre Lights are designed to provide shadow free illumination and cool operating temperatures for lengthy procedures. The lights are designed for use during surgery. The device is intended to be used by doctors / medical practitioners and nursing staff.


Product Use:

Major Surgical luminaire



The Luvis M400 is a ceiling mounted operating theatre light;

The design includes smart sensors that detect any obstacle and increase the intensity automatically.

One touch technology achieves maximum output and field size from any predetermined setting on the touch pad.

Effortless positioning of the light enables the medical practitioner to illuminate the target area as required.


Lux Output:

140 000 Lux at 1m

Multicoloured Light – Colour temperature: 3600 / 4300 / 4800 / 5400 K

Dimmable from 40 000 – 140 000 Lux



Ceiling height to be confirmed at order placement:

LUVIS M400-C Ceiling mounted theatre light

LUVIS M400-M Mobile theatre light



Power supply is routed to the unit via the ceiling void LUVIS (M400-C);

The unit is manufactured, tested and validated against international standards prior to installation.


Norms & Certifications: