Medical Procedure/Surgical Light


The LUVIS S300 Medical Procedure/Surgical Light is designed to provide illumination for localised diagnosis and treatment. The light is versatile featuring a three-lighting-mode function. The LUVIS S300 can be used as a Minor Surgical Light at 130 000 lux, a Procedure/Examination Light at 60 000 lux and Dental Light at 30 000lux. The device is intended to be used by doctors / medical practitioners and nursing staff.


Product Use:

Minor Surgical luminaire (treatment luminaire)



The LUVIS S300 is a ceiling mounted, wall mounted or mobile medical procedure/surgical light catering for Normal Wards / Maternity Wards / Delivery Wards / ICU / Operating Theatre and Dental Rooms;

The detachable handgrip allows for easy and stable handling;

Effortless positioning of the light enables the medical practitioner to illuminate the target area as required.

Lux Output:

130 000 Lux at 1m



Ceiling height to be confirmed at order placement:

LUVIS S300-C Ceiling Mounted

LUVIS S300-M Mobile Unit

LUVIS S300-W Wall Mounted



Power supply is routed to the unit via the ceiling void (LUVIS S300-C);

The unit is manufactured, tested and validated against international standards prior to installation.


Norms & Certifications: