Pendant Service System (Ceiling Mounted)


The HU5-T12 is a tandem mount pendant service system comprising one single articulated arm and one dual arm articulated vertical service column utilized for suspending equipment within the patient area.


Areas of Use:

High Dependency to Intensive Care Wards



The HU5-T12 is a compact dual ceiling pendant solution for suspending equipment within the patient area;

The design comprises a tandem mount pendant service system with one single arm articulated and one dual arm articulated vertical service column;

The adjustable friction brake articulated arm and service columns can be rotated within 320 degrees to position the Supply Services ergonomically;

The design provides unobstructed access around the patient area;

The service columns are populated to suit specific needs and the centre fascia can be customised to accommodate interior design intent;

4 x Ø38mm equipment poles are integrated on each corner of the service columns to support medical equipment (*see Attachment range to suit the medical equipment);

Self-clamping corner extrusions secure the fascia eliminating visible screws;

As a standard, the fascias are offered in a powder coated finish (RAL 9002) with other options available on request.



The vertical service columns route selected medical gas (MG) services, together with the low voltage (LV) and extra low voltage (ELV) to the patient;

The product can accommodate various types of electrical and medical gas outlets, fitted to suit the clients’ specifications;

All four sides of the service columns are populated with Supply Services to support medical equipment;

Anodized aluminium construction provides a rigid equipment platform.



Single arm articulated service column: <120kg

Dual arm articulated service column: <60kg



The unit is flat slab mounted*, where Supply Services are terminated in the ceiling void;

The unit is manufactured with prepopulated electrical and medical gas outlets, which are tested and validated against international standards, prior to installation;

The unit is supplied with mounting structure and specialised anchors to suit site requirements;

Installation to be provided by qualified Hutz Medical installation engineers;

(*other mounting options are available on request).


Norms & Certifications:

IEC 60601-1

IEC 60601-2

ISO 11197