Pendant Service System (Ceiling mounted/Up and Down)


The HU6-S2-HAP is a ceiling mounted double articulated arm, pendant service system with up and down movement.


Areas of Use:

Operating Theatres



The HU6-S2-HAP is a ceiling mounting, double articulated arm Pendant Service System with up and down movement;

The height adjustable pendant is designed to allow the user to move, rotate and raise / lower services to the optimum position for the procedure;

The unit is utilised by doctors and anaesthetists within the Operating Theatre environment;

The spring arm, with electro-magnetic brake, allows for the service column to travel up and down to a height of 700mm, while rotating up to 340°;

The design provides unobstructed access around the operating area;

The service column is populated to suit clients’ specific needs;

Self-clamping corner extrusions secure the fascia eliminating visible screws;

As a standard, the fascia plates and horizontal arms are offered in a powder coated finish (RAL 9002).



The service column provides for low voltage (LV), extra low voltage (ELV) and selected medical gases (MG);

The product can accommodate various types of electrical and medical gas outlets, fitted to suit the clients’ specifications;

Anodized aluminium construction provides a rigid equipment platform.



The unit payload will differ dependent on the length of arm chosen by the client.

Product Payload (kg): (22 – 40), (30- 60), (50-80), (70-110), (80-135), (120-150), (120-170), (120-180)

*Centre to Centre Distance(mm): 600/1000, 800/1000, 1000/1000, 1200/1000, 1400/1000, 1600/1000



The unit is flat slab mounted*, where Supply Services are terminated in the ceiling void;

The unit is manufactured with prepopulated electrical and medical gas outlets, which are tested and validated against international standards, prior to installation;

The unit is supplied with mounting structure and specialised anchors to suit site requirements;

Installation to be provided by qualified Hutz Medical installation engineers;

(*other mounting options are available on request).


Norms & Certifications: