Arab Health Feedback 2019:

julian hutz

People often comment that the world is becoming smaller. With the major growth and advancement in communications, technology and education, information is at your fingertips – and seemingly limitless – within seconds. Business practices are both faster and smarter and it is a case of keeping up or getting lost in the crowd.


Dubai is proving and positioning itself as a hub for international business,  offering opportunities for growth and expansion, as well as its phenomenal infrastructure, incentives and location. It is this strategic location that provided the perfect backdrop for global citizens representing a melting pot of more than 160 countries to conduct business. More than 84 000 healthcare and trade professionals recently descended upon the city for the largest healthcare expo in the Middle East, namely the Arab Health Expo.


The 4500 stands spread throughout the Dubai Convention Centre provided the perfect venue for a global meeting of healthcare professionals, coming together to conduct meetings, discuss business options and finalise solutions for the industry.


Coming away from the expo, it is clear that the healthcare industry remains healthy and is growing, with investment projects being completed worldwide, but with a strong pull towards further investment, infrastructure and solid growth within Africa and the GCC regions.


Without embracing these nuances and adapting your business to match the changes taking place within the industry, one would stagnate. And it is with this in mind that Hutz continues to reinvent and position itself as a turnkey provider.


Private hospital groups seem to be taking up the reins where governments have allowed gaps to develop. These gaps are being identified and closed through Public Private Partnerships with investors, as well as independent entrepreneurs who have identified healthcare development to be the best in terms of guaranteed return on investments.


Hutz Medical is enhancing its position within targeted markets, where the 40 years’ experience gathered from one generation to the next within Hutz has allowed us to hone our skills and increase both our product range as well as our service offering. Identifying solutions of efficient manufacturing techniques, to the reliable implementation for any size and type of healthcare facility is our approach and provides a sure-fire solution for African development initiatives.


The year ahead is bound to be a tough one, but armed with knowledge, experience and an array of strategic partners, we look forward to meeting the challenge head on!