Bedhead Luminaire (Wall and Unit Mounted)


The slimline HU15 luminaire can be fitted with either energy-efficient linear LED or a T5 fluorescent tube for general lighting and reading light. The general lighting provides glare free illumination in the patient environment. The reading light is designed to provide optimal and targeted illumination for the patient area and can be controlled via a switch or the nurse call handset.


Product Use:

General illumination and patient reading light.



The HU15 is a wall or unit mounted luminaire manufactured from natural anodised aluminium extrusions and plastic mouldings.

The design allows for a variety of light source configurations to suit various applications.

Ease of installation is achieved with an innovative hinged design allowing access to electrical connections.


Light Output:

LED – Room Light 4 000 lumens

LED – Reading Light 2 200 lumens

LED – Night Light 325 lumens

T5 Fluorescent – Room / Reading Light 4 000 lumens



HU15-01 Wall mounted LED dimmable room light and dimmable reading light

HU15-02 Wall mounted LED non-dimming room light and non-dimmable reading light

HU15-03 Wall mounted LED dimmable room light / non-dimming reading light

HU15-04 Wall mounted LED non-dimming room light / dimmable reading light

HU15-05 Unit mounted LED non-dimming reading light

HU15-06 Wall mounted T5 fluorescent reading and room light

HU15-07 Unit mounted LED non-dimming night light



Power supply is routed to the unit via the recessed wall junction box or provision is made on the bedhead unit;

The unit is manufactured, tested and validated against international standards prior to installation.