One of the mottos which has carried me through life for a long time is “always look at the bright side of life……”

With Covid-19 taking centre stage of all local and international news and with South Africa going through a rigid lock down period without any clear indication of an end in sight, it is a challenge to stay positive and see the “bright side” of life. However, there are still some instances which make you realise what great bunch we humans actually are!

When the national lock down was announced on the 23rd March 2020, Hutz Medical was fortunate enough to be allowed to operate as we are seen as an essential supplier to the medical industry. This news was received with great relief, but we also understood that our product offer would need to be adapted to the specific need and a quick turnaround time would be of the essence.

We managed in a very short time frame, with consultation between our inhouse design team and external Clinical Engineers, to create a specific Covid-19 product range, including a Bedhead Service Supply System, sterile screens for isolation purposes and a medical ICU trolley.

Our range has been well received by the public and private sector alike and supplied in record time to our satisfied and valued clients, including amongst others, various government hospitals, as well as hospitals within the Life and Netcare Groups.

Please see our Products section in the newsletter for both information and installation features of these new products.

A special mention needs to be made of the huge team effort that was involved for this to become a reality. Our suppliers opened their doors, company owners stepped in and donned overalls (together with gloves and masks!), eager to be a part of a tangible solution for a nation in need. Bonds were formed and ice-cold beers were promised to celebrate these moments of camaraderie – and we look forward to making good on these promises!

It’s moments like these that rekindle my confidence in humanity. We have fought many diseases and won and we will face this one together and win this fight too!

Until then, we at Hutz Medical remain your healthcare partner. As a local manufacturer of medical devices, we aim to assist you wherever needed as we fight this pandemic together.

Stay safe.

Bernd Thurnher

Managing Director – Hutz Group of Companies