The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the Coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic. Our own president Cyril Ramaphosa calls it a medical emergency far greater than we have experienced in over a century.

As much as we are trying to reduce the impact this virus will have on our South African Healthcare system and economy, we can only hope that as a country, we are adequately prepared for it.

Italy is experiencing a shortfall of ventilators and ICU stations and although I doubt we can replicate what China did in 8 days, what we can do is ensure a quicker project turnaround time, allowing a unit to be converted into an ICU in a shorter period of time. There will, in all likelihood, be a shortage of beds for the treatment of all infected patients.

As a Medical Device Manufacturer of Bedhead Service Supply Systems, the standard lead time for these technical products is 6-8 weeks. The reason for the lead time is that drawings need to be confirmed, material and components need to be ordered and site dimensions as well as manufacturing capacity needs to be established.

To eliminate these delays, and to play our part in supporting the efforts to fight this pandemic, Hutz Medical is now offering the HU21-COR Bedhead Service Supply System that provides the services of an ICU station and complies to the IUSS ICU guidelines. It is now available as an ex-stock item.*

We are also reducing our standard selling price by 20%.  As a responsible and ethic medical device company we realise this is not the time for our customers and patients to be exploited.

Being a vertical solution, the installation time is drastically reduced as all services will be supplied pre-tested and certified prior to dispatch.

A standard HU21-COR unit comprises the following services:

2x Oxygen points

2x Vacuum points

2x Low pressure air points

16x 16A Switch sockets on 2 circuits

4x Data points

1x Nurse call

2x Dia 25mm Equipment pole (L=1.5m)

2x Gabler shape medical rail (L=1.5m)

1x HU15 luminaire (LED or T-5 Florescent)


Hutz Medical is a local manufacturer and an ISO13485 certified manufacturing facility which can provide a SAHPRA licence for all our products.

Contact Hutz Medical directly on (041) 451 0964 or for further information or to order the HU21-COR today!

*Subject to availability

Datasheet HU21-COR