While Hutz Medical’s Management sponsors the annual Children’s Charity Event, our employees decided that this year they would also take the opportunity to participate on a personal level, by sponsoring Senior Santa Shoeboxes to the Malabar Home for the Aged. An NPO, the Malabar Home for the Aged is situated in Malabar, Port Elizabeth and is home to more than 40 residents.

Each shoebox consisted of some basic items, such as a facecloth and soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, Vaseline, a packet or two of biscuits, a juice or cooldrink along with a chocolate or mints. Some employees added extra little items or a handwritten note or card to personalise their gift. Employees were given the opportunity to individually, or as a group, sponsor a shoebox or items to put into the shoebox.

A big thank you must go to Hutz Management, who apart from sponsoring the actual shoeboxes that were used for the project, also supported this initiative and arranged for shade cloth to be installed on an existing structure. The residents will now be able to enjoy some shade and sit outside while enjoying the beautiful summer weather! This structure will be up in mid-December 2018.

We were humbled to be able to spend some time with the residents, enjoying tea and some entertainment, provided by Hutz. We went to the residence to spread some Christmas Cheer and walked away with happy hearts, knowing that we had made the day just a little bit better for others!